Who is Volodymyr Zelensky?


Damien Callaghan, Staff Writer, Sports Editor

         The incumbent president of Ukraine is under a lot of pressure, and the surprising news surrounding him is traveling fast. This type of controversy isn’t common for political figures. It’s about the fact that he was a comedian, actor, and then a politician. It was actually his role in a popular TV show that fueled his campaign, as it led to many people requesting that he be the actual President of Ukraine. He had obtained his law degree prior, and then decided to go into acting. After starring in the Ukrainian television show, the government formed a political party named after the show, titled Servant of the People. Shortly after, Zelensky announced his candidacy for presidency, and finished off the second round of voting with 73.23% of the total votes. For the entire election, he was the popular candidate, after announcing himself as a figure for anti-establishment and mainly anti-corruption. He is viewed as a more “modern” world leader, since his main forms of large-scale communication are social media sites, mainly Instagram, which he uses to address his nation and the world.

      Zelensky is very popular among the people of Ukraine, as well as the youth around the world. This could be because he is the most “down to earth” of all of the world leaders, and doesn’t make himself seem like a world leader, but rather a man like everyone else, but in a position of power. He also seems to have the public’s interest within his mind and does everything for the masses, instead of for the government. This unique admiration is also due to a viral video of him discussing the current war between Russian and Ukrainian war. In the video, he is pleading with Russian troops about how he has not seen his family, and how his people are scared. He is very unkempt and solemn in the video, taken in an undisclosed location.

Overall, Volodymir Zelensky is a modern world leader who has quickly come into the spotlight and gained support from every country and leader due to his kind and personable nature.