Paw Patrol


Michelle Estevez

Paw Patrol is a club at Lindenhurst High School that focuses on raising awareness and fundraising for local shelters. Recently, they made a showcase focusing on statistics on animal shelters and suggestions on how to help and support local animal shelters. Some facts that were showcased, along with very adorable pictures of cats. According to the info graphics, there are around 70 million stray dogs and cats throughout the United States alone. Exactly 6.3 million companion animals go into animal shelters each year, but on the bright side, 4.1 million of those shelter animals get adopted. Summer is usually the time that animal shelters become overwhelmingly full with animals. Animal shelters statistics also show that 80% of animals in animal shelters are healthy and can be treated if they’re sick, and the United States has the largest global cat and dog population. Finally, the major causes for people putting animals in the shelters is because people don’t have enough time for the animals, they can’t adequately care for them, its too expensive, or their landlord won’t allow pets. 

Animal shelters, whether they’re government owned or personally managed, always welcome a variety of supplies, donations, and volunteers from their community. In addition to the showcase, the club has also set up boxes around the school to donate things like cat/dog toys, dog beds, treats, blankets, sheets, canned food, collars, leashes, bowls, cleaning supplies, detergent, and grooming items to donate to the West Islip animal shelter.