Harvey Hops Into LHS!


Erin Holzwarth, Staff Writer

After the success of Lindenhurst High Schools Thespians’ The Addams Family, it’s hard to imagine a show that would top that. The start of spring, though, brings with it the annual school play. This year the drama department is putting on the comedy Harvey, which follows a man who has a friend that only he can see. Senior Toby Wyman leads the cast as Elwood, whose best friend is an imaginary six foot tall rabbit. Sabrina DiNardo and Olivia Spiwak support him as Veta and Myrtle, his sister and niece. 

While Elwood is a quirky character, he’s ultimately harmless, as seen throughout his many adventures. Even so, there’s a lot of stigma around Elwood’s mental health due to the time period. Everyone gives him grief, and steers away from Elwood and his family in order to maintain their own social status throughout the play. 

Focusing on topics of mental health in the 50’s while also adding a bit of comedy to the mix is quite a feat, but the Lindenhurst High School Thespians are sure to blow the audience away! The show begins its tech week just after break, so the show is coming up quickly! Everyone’s favorite physics teacher, Mr. Smith, is directing, and the same wonderful crew as The Addams Family is working hard to make sure that the set looks just as good as last time. 

With an important message of being yourself and accepting others for who they are, Harvey is bound to be a fun time for everyone. The tickets are 12 dollars a piece, and will also be sold at the door. The shows are April 29th and 30th. All our resident thespians thank you for coming to the show and hope you enjoy it!