Amy Schumer and the Case of “No Press is Bad Press”

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Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

     You may have heard of the phrases “no press is bad press” , “there is no such thing as bad press” or “all publicity is good publicity”.

     A prime example of the latter scenario is Amy Schumer, a lady known for her self proclaimed title of “comedian”.  Throughout the years she has been through a lot of controversies and backlash including racist jokes, crude jokes about her privates, and her “tasteless” joke—calling Kirsten Dunst a seat filler—at the Oscars.  

    Although the attention she gains seems to be hatred, there is still attention around her, and all of it can cause people to support her.  That is the logic behind the phrase “no press is bad press”.

     Pertaining to Amy Schumer, any supports may seem impossible, but one has to consider the amount of shows she has hosted:  Inside Amy Schumer which premiered in 2013, Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo in 2015, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook and Expecting Amy in 2020, and Life and Beth which premiered in 2022 (information from  While according to, her “comedy” career started in 2007.  

    Although it may be easy to hate on Amy Schumer, this phrase isn’t exclusive to her. Rather than it displaying the possible toxicity of her or her fans, it can display the backwardness of society rewarding controversial people.