The Charles Street Times Fundraiser at Blaze


Samantha Nuss , Staff Writer

On this past Wednesday, May 11th, The Charles Street Times held a fundraiser at Blaze Pizza in West Babylon. The event was held between 11:30 PM to 8:30 PM, with 20% of proceeds from each meal going back to the school’s organization when you bring the flyer into the restaurant. Ordering online with a promo code was another alternative to support the website. 

The Charles Street Times organization is a club, and an elective, taken by those who have a passion for writing. The website is run by librarian, Mrs. Kelly, as well as, Journalism and Broadcasting teacher, Mr. Lastella. Mr. Lastella makes sure his classroom has a relaxing and peaceful environment for his writers, and he always has music playing for students to enjoy. Staff writers can write about anything they want; such as opinion based articles, entertainment, video games, the Lindy community, and general topics. Once you start off as a staff writer, you can get promoted to higher jobs like Editor in Chief, or Co-Editor.

The Charles Street Times has been holding fundraisers at Blaze Pizza for the past few years, and the tradition is said to go on. Blaze has been of great help to the Lindenhurst district, by supplying us with quick and delicious pizzas to raise money, to keep the website running. The website is expensive to maintain, and the school district gives very little money to support this cause. We also raise money for end of the year parties, special guests, and for keeping snacks for our staff writers and advisors in the classroom. Thankfully, The Charles Street Times had a successful fundraiser and a great time.