A Sneak Peak into Don’t Worry Darling


Julie Leon, Staff Writer

Don’t Worry Darling is 2022’s new, and upcoming, psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde. Being Wilde’s fourth directed film, this R rated movie has created much anticipation world wide, and is expected to appear in theaters on September 23rd. From what viewers have gathered through teasers, trailers, and stills of the movie, the details of the plot remain unclear, but what do we know, is it will be quite a horror.

Before any official trailers were released to the public, Don’t Worry Darling’s production began in late October of 2020, filmed in central LA’s Palm Springs. Though the production of the film came to a temporary pause due to COVID-19, the film was wrapped up in mid-February of 2021. A plethora of behind the scenes shots, provided by the paparazzi of course, showed a lot of the cast in their outdoor scenes, including their costumes and set designs.

In our first official sneak peek into Don’t Worry Darling, Wilde released a teaser picture featuring a romantic scene from the movie with two main characters, Alice played by Florence Pugh and her husband Jack played by Harry Styles, along with revealing the movie’s release date. Later on, Wilde set out a teaser trailer, and though it was very brief, we got to see Pugh in a few snippets of the movie, one of them being alongside Styles in a romantic scene. These first looks of the film didn’t give us much, but a few weeks later, the thriller’s official trailer left fans on the edge of their seats.

The three minute trailer heavily focused on Pugh’s character, Alice, a 1950’s housewife that starts to grow suspicious of her husband’s job, and believes his company is hiding dark secrets. The trailer also features many of the movie’s cast, such as Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Olivia Wilde herself, living in luxury within their utopian community. Specifics of the movie and its plot are still under wraps as we count down the days until Don’t Worry Darling reaches the big screen, but as far as we know, this movie is set to be filled with lots of drama and suspense.