Giants Win First Game of the Season

Giants Win First Game of the Season

Bella Wolff, Staff Writer

In the first game of the new NFL season, what seemed to be a subpar Giants game, the Giants persevered to take the lead and win by a one point game. 

In the first quarter, the Tennessee Titans had scored a total of 7 points. Dontrell Hiliard had received a 7 yard pass from Ryan Tanhell with 9 minutes and 48 seconds left in the first quarter. The Giants had struggled hard with gaining points throughout the first quarter and were not able to succeed  

Later on in the second quarter with 12 minutes and 35 seconds left in the quarter Randy Bullock who belonged to the Titans then scored a field goal. With 6 minutes and 57 seconds left in the quarter  Randy Bullock then scored another field goal.  One 65 yard and another 37 yard kick. This turned into a nail-biting game for Giants fans, because the Giant’s were down 13 points and it was already halftime. 

They needed to step on the gas and pump up the energy. 

It was now halftime and we still had the third and fourth quarter to pick things up. The Giants were determined to score a touchdown. Within a few minutes of the game you can tell the Giants were picking it up and being persistent to win. With 11 minutes and 16 seconds left in the third quarter Giant own Saquon Barkley scored a touchdown. The score was now 13-6 with the Titans still in the lead. With 8 minutes and 48 seconds left in the quarter the Giants were able to score yet another touchdown and were then tied with the Titans 13-13. Although things took a rough turn when Dontrell Hilliard received a 23 yd pass from Ryan Tannehill and scored a touchdown. The score was now 20-13, Titans. This was a struggle for the Giants , but just made them more determined to win. 

The fourth quarter came rolling around and throughout the majority of the quarter the score remained 13-20 with the Titans still in the lead, but by hard work and determination Chris Myarick received a 1 yd pass from Daniel Jones! The Giants received a two point conversion as well which led them to score a total of 8 points in the last quarter. Making them the winners of their first game of the season. The score ended up being 21-20! The Giants had an epic win and used their basic fundamentals to win.