Lindy’s Varsity Dance Team


Julie Leon, Staff Writer

   At the first football game of the season, Lindenhurst’s Dance Team took on the renowned halftime show. With bright smiles and shiny pom poms, the Varsity team brought tons of energy to the field, with original choreography by the esteemed co-captains, Riley Colford and Meghan Gonzalvo. Their pom dance left the stands cheering and applauding with their pleasing visuals. With a routine so stunning, it leaves you wondering how much dedication was put into their practices.

So, what exactly does it take to create such an impressive routine? Well, it actually goes back to a few months prior to football season. In spring of 2022, the girls went through the nerve racking process of trying out for the team, and those who made it on were ecstatic. However, the hard work didn’t stop there, as all the rehearsals were preparing the team to be ready for the first game of the season.

Before the first week of school, five consecutive days were dedicated to learning the two minute long dance. With around two hours of rehearsal each day, the team was determined to learn the choreography with its sharp movements and intricate formation changes. The girls were relieved when they were able to learn the dance within three days, however they didn’t stop there. 

In order for their dance to be in unison, the team’s movements and timing needed to be precise. The task of making sure everyone looked cohesive was certainly troublesome, but the encouragement from the team’s captains fueled their determination. A big part of this process was for their pom poms to be completely in sync, and by the end of the week, the dance team were ready for the field. 

Clearly, it was no easy feat to compile such an energetic dance routine, but with a dedicated team and its eager captains, their first halftime of the season was a huge success. They performed their routine with tons of Lindy Spirit and smiles that filled up the entire field. We wish the best of luck to our town’s Varsity Dance Team as they take on the rest of the fall football season.