NATO Blames Russia for the Missile in Poland

NATO Blames Russia for the Missile in Poland

Samantha Bronakowski, Staff Writer

On November 15th, Poland got hit by a “supposed” Russian S-300 missile, hitting a small village killing 2 people.

The Russia-Ukraine war is still going on for some time, becoming hard for many of its citizens. They know that it might take a long time for the war to end. The problem is that we don’t we don’t have a clear answer as to where the missile came from, Ukraine or Russia?

Many say it’s Ukraine’s defense missile, while others are saying it’s Russia’s missile trying to start a war with NATO. Countries are taking sides and the world doesn’t know what to believe during this hard time.

Many people started slander, blaming Ukraine that it was a mistake and it was a defense missile from Russia attacking them. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine, claimed that the missile isn’t theirs and there should be justice for the country who did this.

Russia is says that isn’t their missile and they had nothing to do with what had happened, blaming Ukraine. The United States of America has reported that, “the missile that landed in Poland, killing two people, was unlikely to have been fired from Russia due to its trajectory.” There are many theories on who the missile belongs to, but we won’t know until there’s an investigation.

During the meeting with NATO, Poland’s stance was to start a war showing, that they are strong enough. They say that choosing to forget about would mean that NATO is just a bluff organization. We still don’t know what happened during this meeting, except for many opinionated statements on who is on what side of the story.