The New and Exciting Lindenhurst Library


Michelle Estevez, Staff Writer

The Lindenhurst Memorial Library was established in 1953 with the idea coming from the mayor of the time, John C. Blankenhorn. In 1945, the idea of a memorial library was first suggested by the mayor, who wanted to pay a tribute to the World War ll military veterans from Lindenhurst and other supporting areas.

Having been built in 1953, The library knew it was finally time for a change. Finally, after at least two decades of The Board of Trustees (who are responsible for the safety and maintenance of the building) working on the idea of renovating the library, it was formalized as a proposal to the community for a public bond vote in 2019.

To fund the renovation process the tax payers of the Lindenhurst School District approved a $9.4 million dollar bond, along with the library committing $500,000 of its capital building funds towards the renovation.

The building plan of the new library included expanding the library by 3,000 square feet, solar roof panels, a new ADA elevator replacing the original 51 year old elevator, three new community meeting rooms, a technology learning lab, and a quiet study room, among many more new features.

Although, the quiet study room seems to be the addition that people seem to be most excited about,” said Lindenhurst Library director Lisa Kropp, She also added, “We never had a dedicated quiet study room before, so the public are definitely happy to see one and it is used from morning to night.”

In 2019,  the library was the third in the state of New York to achieve Green Business Partnership status. Meaning that when renovating, the new building focused more on having more sustainable building elements.

Some of these sustainable building elements included solar lights in the parking lot, new energy efficient windows, and electric charging stations in the parking lot. In this process, the library has added thousands of new books and other materials like DVD’s and audiobooks to their collection.

Since the Lindenhurst Library officially reopened on October 13, the overall community response has been “amazingly positive”, Lisa Kropp exclaimed. She explained, “I keep hearing people exclaiming “wow!” when they walk in the door for the first time, because the change throughout the building is so noticeable.”

The new and improved Lindenhurst Library is now officially open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday through Thursday, and Saturday for all people to visit and enjoy.