Have You Been Naughty or Nice?


Imani McPhaul, Staff Writer

Santa Claus is on a rampage this Christmas! Movie star David Harbour, best known from the Netflix Series Stranger Things, plays a combat Santa this Christmas in the comedy film Violent Night.

The official trailer came out on October 5 and made its way to premiere December 2, 2022 of this year. In the trailer we see David Harbour dressed as Santa, complete with a full beard, bringing fans the holiday movie we never knew we needed. The film is about a Santa Claus that fights mercenaries who have taken a wealthy family hostage in their home

Many people have found this movie a mixture of wholesome, funny and violent. The film manages to take a more modern and cynical version of Christmas that has become far too prevalent in modern times.

The movie adds the one thing that is sorely missed from other modern films on Christmas, an actual love for Christmas and what it truly means. The movie is a must see with friends and family– go see Violent Night playing in a theater near you!