Give Back To Our Oceans

Give Back To Our Oceans

Bella Wolff, Staff Writer

Ocean wildlife is in serious danger. Since 1970 Earth has lost about 49 percent of global marine life. Marine life produces 70 percent of our oxygen and 90 percent of our global goods. As a society we should do more to protect our oceans because they produce elements that we use to live.

Ways to prevent ocean pollution!

  • Always throw plastics in a recycling bin rather than throwing it in a regular trash bin.
  • Cut down on plastic! Instead of using a plastic straw or cup use metal reusable straws and cups, or just any water bottle you can reuse.
  • If you happen to be swimming in the ocean and you see garbage, pick it up and place it in its appropriate disposal bin. A small deed such as that can go a long way.
  • Refuse use of takeout utensils. This is a great way to compact your use of unnecessary plastic. Rather than using a disposable plastic fork, knife etc… You can use reusable metal forks and knives.
  • When shopping do not use plastic bags, use reusable grocery bags or paper bags. If you inevitably end up using paper or plastic bags, dispose of them in their appropriate waste containers. Reusable shopping bags in today’s time are about 1.00 dollar.
  • DO NOT LITTER! Littering is one of the main sources that causes aquatic pollution. Winds will drift your waste into the ocean causing these poor animals to suffer.

There are many small acts of kindness that you can accomplish throughout the day that will make a colossal impact on our oceans ecosystems. All it takes is a little effort and a long time. It will take centuries to reserve all of the damage that we have caused to our aquatic ecosystems, but one day it will be manageable.