Trip to Little Italy

Trip to Little Italy

Aleena Pawa, Staff Writer

On April 3rd, the Lindenhurst High School Italian club hosted a trip to Little Italy. This trip has been an ongoing tradition since many years back. It was a wonderful opportunity for the kids of the Italian club to experience the culture and beauty of the city. There was an abundance of foods to try like gelato, cannoli, pasta, Caesar salad, Italian cookies, etc.

There were groups of kids, each with their own volunteering chaperones. The students took a train to the city and from there had taken a ferry to Ellis Island. They were given a lunch break and were able to explore the museum on their own. Some kids brought their own lunch, while others waited on the extremely long cafeteria line. There were various exhibits in which the students could learn from.

Some of the topics included the way immigrants had traveled, WWII, and different methods used for survival. The sight seeing was one of the best parts of the trip, it was very beautiful. After the journey through Ellis Island, a ferry was taken back to the original location from when getting off the train. From there, the students walked to Wall Street and were able to see multitudes of different buildings. They even visited a cathedral known for holding Alexander Hamilton’s grave.

Once they reached Little Italy, the class was given about an hour to roam around the area on their own to shop or just to look around. People tried unique foods and got souvenirs to remember the trip by. When done wandering, everyone met up at a restaurant where different options of food were served along with gelato for dessert. It was roughly 9:00 when the train to Lindenhurst was boarded by the students. The train reached home at close to 10:15. The students had an amazing time and the trip was an all around successful day of traveling.