Musk takes fight; SpaceX steps towards future


Chris Diliberto, Breaking News Editor

After 44 years of incredible achievements earned by NASA, Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002. After over a decade of being founded, spectators watched SpaceX launch their largest rocket to date from the Kennedy Space Center. The Verge reports that The Falcon Heavy rocket was created with the initial idea to bring humans to the moon or even Mars, but now is thought to be better used as a carrier for supplies to deep space destinations since it is not powerful enough to reach Mars. Elon Musk had kept his expectations low on launch day saying he “would consider it a win if just clears the pad and doesn’t blow it to smithereens,” National Geographic had reported. As Elon witnessed the Falcon Heavy rocket sore into the air flawlessly he blurted the words, “…that thing took off.”

According to Voice of America, the rocket was equipped with three high tech boosters which were accompanied by 27 engines to deliver a two million kilograms of thrust. With all that thrust National Geographic claims the rocket is capable of lifting 141,000 pounds of cargo into space. If that seems impressive, Musk also designed the two boosters along side the rocket to return down to Earth and land safely on a launchpad. A huge step has been made in space projects since this demonstrates the possible future for reusable rockets.

Musk’s rocket or dual self landing boosters did not steal the show though. A red metallic automobile and its driver, the manikin dressed in a spacesuit seemed to take the cake. The popular decision made by Musk to have the rocket carry his cherry-red Tesla Roadster instead of bulks of steel as made his slick whip the first car in space also. Twitter users have created the debate over whether the manikin driven Tesla should be labeled as a piece of art. Meanwhile, a snapchat user has created a snapchat lense that opens a portal to the camera feed of the vehicle’s view. It is easy to assume Tesla must be enjoying all the free advertising they have been getting.