Black Panther Review


Nick Rippo, Staff Writer

Recently, the new movie Black Panther came out and made 786 million dollars in the box office. This movies was hyped up a lot, more than most movies in recent memory. This hype had such an effect, that even before released to the public, reviewers gave a middle of the road review. However that’s exactly what it was, a simple middle of the road, inoffensive, very average Marvel movie. The movie was neither good nor bad, just kind of okay. It seems much longer than it has to be and the action scenes seem very much few and far between. The dialogue in most of the movies is not very compelling and for the most part kind of boring. The humor was not very good and there were many painfully cringe worthy jokes such as the one trying to rehash the “what are those” joke which failed miserably. Most of the performances were well done, especially of Andy Serkis as Claw and Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther or T’Challa.

Some of the action scenes, such as the remote car scene were cool and pretty creative, however many of these scenes looked very fake. Most of the movie looked very fake and takes place outside, but it all looks like it’s in a studio. An example of this could be from the scene like the underground train scene. It looked like they’re straight out of a videogame. There are also so many scenes  in this movie where you see things like people being stabbed and there is no blood whatsoever which honestly just takes you out of the movie. There is even a scene in which someone’s throat is slit and there is no blood, despite it being fully in frame and a close-up shot. Speaking of which the cinematography in this movie is very average, there was only a few interesting shots in the entire movie. There was however, a great very unique soundtrack which is uncommon in a Marvel movie. Overall this movie was a disappointment to many, however those who can follow the trend of this franchises quality could easily predict this. Considering all aspects of the film, I would rate it a 6.