New Kirby Game Coming to the switch!!!!!

Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

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Kirby Star Allies was announced at Nintendo Direct it is said to be coming in spring March 16, 2018 with Kirby getting more abilities and being able to combine abilities like a frost bomb. Many new abilities like spider and painter Kirby. One of the many abilities that fans have missed and was absents in many Kirby games were the ability to change enemies into allies and you can be able to use these allies to save Dreamland.

The new Kirby game appeared on the the Nintendo Switch coming soon and it can be added to wish list but can’t be purchased. These is speculation that their may be local multiplayer or online where you can play with multiple people which is a good aspect for a hybrid TV and portable console. You can play on your TV and when you have to leave you can continue the progress on the go so you can earn many hours in. Kirby Star Allies is only a Nintendo Switch exclusive meaning no console but the Switch will have it available. Kirby Star Allies can be pre-order in some places like Gamestop and amazon but sooner they will have more places to pre-order.

Amiibo support may come to this game if Nintendo choose to utilize the Amiibo scanner on the right controller and pro controllers but it hasn’t been announced. King Dede is buff in Kirby Star Allies and Meta Knight appears to be enemy in the Kirby Star Allies. In previous games Kirby and Meta Knight have been friends and allies like Kirby returns to Dreamland and Kirby squeak squad  same with King Dede but we don’t know if buff King Dede will be a friend or a villain. There is very little game play in the trailer that was announced in Nintendo Direct. Come join Kirby and his Allies March 16,2018.