Black Lightning is Back (Spoilers) !!!!!!!!

Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

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Black Lightning is a new show that aired on January 16 2018 to make 2018 electrifying. Cress Williams plays Aidan Pierce also known as Black Lightning, a principal at Garfield High School . Black Lightning’s powers reawaken after 10 years of hiding them.  He returns to live normal life instead of being a vigilante, and his goal is to keep his family together before his wife divorces him takes  custody of his daughters. Black Lightning is a show that illustrates racism in many ways, especially with the police officers. Police use unnecessary force instead of tasers, and the police threaten to unjustifiably shoot Aidan Pierce’s daughter just because of a description of her color and nothing else.

Black Lightning’s town is surrounded by gangs and guns, and Black Lightning’s only priority is to protect his family from the neighborhood which brought the reawakening of his powers. When Aiden Pierce’s former student had her daughter taken, she died.  Black Lightning wasn’t there for her because he only cared about this family and wasn’t going to use his powers again. The major spark that caused the fire to bring him back is Black Lightning felt guilty that his student died because he wasn’t there and felt responsible for her death. If he was there as Black Lightning, it could of been prevented.

The antagonist thought  Black Lightning was dead but he wasn’t. He was keeping his head down for 10 years which really angered the villain because that news that Black Lightning was dead made people fear him. Now that some people see he’s alive, he’s giving people hope instead of the villain’s gangs putting fear into town.