Lindy Student Council Continues Read Across America


Emma D'Antonio, Staff Writer

On March 2nd, students and members of the Student Council have volunteered to travel to all of the elementary schools to read Dr.Seuss books to kids from Kindergarten to third grade. They read these books in honor of Read Across America and to celebrate Dr.Seuss´ birthday. Read Across America is a great way to keep the students active with their community. The students love reading to the elementary kids and the children love having them visit. Some of the high school students have an opportunity to go back to their elementary schools and read to the teachers they use to have.

Dylan Simone offered her opinion about if she thought the kids liked having people come in and read to them. She responded with, “Yes, I think that the kids enjoyed having people come in and read to them because they got to hear a story and they learned something while having fun. They got a bunch of fun worksheets to do and they also had a chance to win a Dr.Seuss hat.” Isabella Salinas evaluated  if the kids learned anything when she read to them and if so, what she thought they learned. Isabella’s response was, “I think they learned how to be respectful to people who take time out of their days to contribute to their educational and fun experience.” Read Across America is an important part of our community.