Lindenhurst High School Elections

Chelsea Sapinoso, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst High School held voting for new Executive Student Council representatives on, May 15 2018.  Students of Lindenhurst learned the results on May 30 2018. This event is one of the most significant events of the year.

The Student Council brings activities that helps the students of Lindenhurst High School to learn and have fun at the same time.  New students in Lindenhurst High School may wonder what is the function of Student Council.  On May 17 2018, an interview with Ms.Scharf, the Student Council advisor, stated “Student council represents the whole school and one of our objective is to promote a positive environment. We manage different activities throughout the school year to promote a healthy competition for the classes and clubs. We also run a variety of events for the Lindenhurst community.”  A huge amount of effort goes into fulfilling their duties accordingly for the sake of not only the students but the people of Lindenhurst as well.

The day of voting started in the morning with the Social Studies teachers helping in bringing in their students in the library to cast their votes. Ms.Scharf stated, “It was quite hectic; however, it was nice to see the students practice their right to vote. Everything went smoothly with the help of Mrs.Mottl and Mrs.Ruggiero, for helping in organizing the schedule. I really appreciate their assistance on the day of the voting, we had over 1100 votes! Some votes were very close and this created tension. I also commend everyone who took the chance and the risk to run for a position. I’m very proud of every candidates.” These students gathered their courage and put in a lot of effort.

The candidates held a forum where all the students of Lindenhurst high school were welcome to come and ask questions. The candidates running for president of the Student Council provided a speech to introduce themselves and explain what they can offer; however, only 30 people attended.  It opened up to the entire student body so the forum gives everybody the opportunity equally to know the candidates.  Setting it up as a mock election gives the opportunity for everyone to be educated on politics because students will all eventually have to vote. “It was interesting and definitely more organized this year” as stated by Olivia Martone a student council candidate for president.

Some of us may wonder how the candidates see this event and how they feel about it.  Certainly they felt nervous but they still continued. In an interview with Efrain Laguna, a candidate for fundraising, he explained that being part of the same friend group can only help the Council work together more.  He said, “This year everyone knows each other wherein they could give each other ideas and help each other.”  Nicole Schepis, a candidate for publicity stated, “I think that since this year they started putting the pictures, that helps the students recognize who the candidate is.”

The Student Council 2018-2019 Executive Board winners are Austin Martinez for President, Thomas LaBianca as Vice President, Isabella Salinas as Recording Secretary, Anthony Castello as Corresponding Secretary, Dana Storm and Sabia Akand for Treasurer, Olivia Martone, Thomas Malone and Hailey Leon for Membership, Liz Johanson, Paige Gorma, Nicole Schepis, Nancy Rodriguez, and Kayla Schmidt for Publicity, Madison Kamme and Patrick Lopez for Class Competition, Efrain Laguna and Emma D’Antonio for Fundraising, Kayla Stallone and Monika Orzelowski for Parliamentarian, Gozde Bayraktar and Deanna Tabarus for School Store, Patrick Lopez and Misean Fredericks for NYS CLSA District Representative.