Peer Leadership Car Wash is a Success

Gozde Bayraktar, Freelance Writer

This past Saturday the Peer Leadership class from the Lindenhurst High School had their first fundraising event of the year: a carwash! The fundraising event was held at the North Lindy Fire Department from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  It was $5 per car and $7 per SUV. Mr. McGroary, a Lindenhurst Health teacher, is the new Peer Leadership Advisor. As his students in the class are learning new skills, so is he. “I’m really proud of the Peer Leaders today, everyone’s working hard and the fundraising we did today will help us help others,” Mr. McGroary explained.

The peer leaders received a lot of support from community members.  Even if they weren’t getting their car washed, many people still donated money and showed their support. Vincent Madonna, a Lindenhurst resident, says, “You’re all doing a great job; it’s nice to see kids out, working hard on their day off and putting in the time.”

The Peer Leadership class has 24 hardworking students. They didn’t just put in one day of washing cars, they greeted community members, sold pre-sale tickets, made posters, got the materials necessary, and promoted the event. Peer Leader Brandon Naccari,  says, “This was a great bonding experience.”  At the end of the day, the Peer Leaders were satisfied with the amount they made. All of the Peer Leaders can’t wait to work with Mr. McGroary and their classmates to make this year amazing and help others out. While helping others, PL students will also learn new things that they can use for the rest of their lives. Thank you to everyone who came down to support the 2019 Peer Leaders!