Paw Patrol Club Gains Student Interest

Anna Oppedisano, Staff Writer

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Do you love animals? Do you want to help the community? Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing clubs at Lindenhurst High School? Well look no further than the increasingly popular Paw Patrol Club!

Run by Mrs. Gentile, the Paw Patrol club was founded out of a “strong love for animals.” She herself volunteers and donates to local shelters. She isn’t the only one who has a passion for helping animals, as evidenced by Mrs. Gentile who told us that “last Monday’s sign up sheet was completely filled with 46 kids.”

The goals of the club are to help shelters with food drives (they are planning for one in February at the school) and to raise money for shelters, supplies, and adoption events. Most recently on November 26th, Greyhound Rescue attended a Paw Patrol meeting to make a presentation and share the wonders and needs of supporting Greyhound Rescue. 

Vice President of Paw Patrol Joselyn Osorio also provided some insight into this club. She states, “Paw Patrol is a lot of fun for me because a lot of my friends are involved. Since it’s a new club we have to work hard to get things together. We plan to volunteer with shelters and do fundraisers for them. Paw Patrol is a great club for someone who loves animals.”

Mrs. Gentile encourages you to attend a meeting “If you have a love for animals and want to help raise awareness for adoption.” You can listen to the morning announcements for further information.