Lindy’s First STREAMS Night

Volunteers from the Lindenhurst Middle School and High School Combine to Make STREAMS Night a Success!

Courtesy of D. Miller

Jenna Johnson, Editor

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The first annual STREAMS Night took place on February 6th at the Lindenhurst Middle School from 6pm to 9pm. Revolving around the idea of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), elementary school students were able to indulge in fun activities while also utilizing various problem solving skills. So what exactly is a STEM based curriculum? STEM hopes for an education based around these four subjects, coupled with hands on activities and real world application of concepts taught in the classroom.

Volunteers from both the Lindenhurst Middle School and High School, from ROTC, and clubs such as National Honor Society and the Library Writing Center among many others, arrived at the school at around 5:30 pm. A variety of activities were prepared for the students in order to nurture their problem solving skills and enrich their knowledge in subjects such as math and science. A schedule was provided to students and parents, who had to book spots for each 20-30 minute activity, prior to the day of streams. Activities such as crocheting, an escape room, and lego building, along with many more, allowed for a fun interactive environment between parents and their children, as the students had to work against the clock to solve a certain problem.

Nicolette Vita, a student from Lindenhurst High School who volunteered on behalf of the Library Writing Center helped to operate the escape room, coordinated by Ms. Miller. With regards to her experience with STREAMS night she said, “This was such a fun and eye opening experience. I enjoyed interacting with the elementary school students and helping them navigate around the escape room. It is really important to allow students to have a hands on approach to learning subjects such as science and math.”  STEM education advocates for real life application of what is taught in school.  These skills are invaluable to young children, as they enter into high school and college. Doing such activities provides them with a solid framework and background for their future, depending on which career path they end up choosing.