LHS Building Review

LHS Building Review

Courtesy of M. White

Marquis White, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst High School holds many good factors. There are many school activities, everyone is active within the festivities, and the experience can be great. But, there are some other factors within the building that could be improved.

Lets start with the main problem: The cluster in the hallways. Specifically, the intersection during periods passing. When you start to think about other ways of navigation just to avoid the madness, it’s a problem. The hallway jam consists of shoe stepping, shoving, and overall impatience. This occurs so much that it is basically the norm for students.  Lindenhurst student, Jonathan Reggi, states, “Yeah, I get really annoyed while walking during the day. Dealing with the the intersection is a daily problem.” There has to be some solution to this. Maybe separate passing times between periods so everyone has their own slot? Maybe more passing time so that everyone isn’t in a rush? This could help slow down the traffic. There are definitely ways to relieve the problem.  

Another problem that affects students would be the heating/cooling in the building. Beginning of the year, it can get very hot. Students are just coming back from vacation and are hit in the face with heat as soon as they walk in. Some rooms are cool, yet some rooms feel like a giant oven. Cooling efficiency is important. Even in the cooler seasons, this can still be a problem. Some of the areas are colder than others. Instead of the whole building being filled with heat, students are faced with cold fronts. Another Lindenhurst student, Louis Schneider, also had an opinion about the problem. He says; “It could go from being cold in the hallways or a classroom, to being hot in the cafeteria or gym.” This can be especially annoying when you realize that you have to stay in the area for a half-hour.  

The last thing thing worth mentioning are the dismissal bells. The bell works fine but…it’s the timing that’s the problem. There are plenty of times where the bell is supposed to ring, yet it happens three minutes later. Sixth period is a prime example of this.  The bell technically should ring at 11:53 but according to the classroom clock, it rings at 11:55.  This isn’t that big of a problem, but it’s a minor situation that can be fixed.

The building is solid overall. But like everything in this world, it isn’t perfect. These are all things that could be considered to improve the LHS experience.