Introducing the Clubs of the 2019- 2020 school year!

Courtesy of J. Kelly
Italian Club

Robert Hager, Co-Editor in Chief

Our annual Club Fair took place on Friday, October 11th. This year’s club fair brought together all of our school’s amazing clubs in the rotunda. Clubs put together posters and displays to get new members and spread the word on their clubs. 

The Club Fair started around 20 years ago by Mrs. Flannelly, one of our amazing Assistant Principals. When speaking with her about Club Fair, she explained “School is not just about academics. It’s about growing as a person, being innovative and collaborative with your peers. Clubs can help you become a well rounded student.” 

Club Fair had many amazing displays put together by various clubs. Examples include Interact Club with their poster on all of the community service events, Key Club and their new banner that was provided to them by Kiwanis, and Writing Club which had a great activity where students posted a word that expressed their opinion on writing. Robotics Club presented one of their robots they made and displayed what it was able to do. All clubs shown at Club Fair were able to get new members and showed the freshmen the amazing clubs our school offers. 

When reflecting on Club Fair, it is important to realize the amount of work it takes to put together. “Club Fair requires some really motivated students and advisors that want to open their doors to new people and show the LHS community the great things they do,” stated Mrs. Flannelly. Along with students and advisors, other people that are crucial in the event being as amazing as it is are the secretaries and janitors that prepare the tables and clean up the rotunda. 

If you are interested in any of the clubs listed in the article, or at Club Fair, please click here to find more information.