Flash Runs Again (SPOILERS)


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

The Flash Season 6 is now on CW every Tuesday at 9 PM. Barry Allen, the protagonist,  is faster than ever.  He’s shown running into a black-hole, unscathed without a scratch proven in the first episode compared to previous speed from last season. Even with Barry Allen’s extreme speed, he can’t change his future of disappearing shown in the newspaper.

The Flash must die which is unchangeable. Knowing this, Barry Allen tried running to see his future as previously shown in Season 3, but was later blocked with antimatter getting injured. Facing this injury, Barry met with Jay Garick, Flash of Earth Three. Both of them decided if they can’t get Barry’s body in the future, then maybe they can take his mind through the time barrier. 

When the Flash went into the future, he saw many possibilities in all of them.  All the Earths got destroyed from existence except one: the one where Flash dies. When he came back, he wasn’t the same. Seeing so many people die changed a once brave hero into a coward knowing the end was coming. There was nothing he can do to change it. Feeling this way, Barry wanted to spend as much time with his wife, Iris West Allen, to spend the last moments of his life before he died. 

After Barry explains to Iris about the future, Iris didn’t want to give up on Barry. She convinced him how pointless it was to give up without a fight. At first, Barry didn’t agree with the opinion after the visions of the future, but Iris convinced him. They were allowing him to fight and try to change the future as they once did before.  At the time of the article, there are five episodes in Season 6.