Fencing: An Up-and-Coming Sport

Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

Have you ever been curious about fencing?  Well, you’re in luck! Lindenhurst High School Varsity Fencing is back.  Anyone can join us at at Daniel Street Elementary School between 4-6pm.  This is coach Bordonaro’s second year of working with Lindenhurst students.  In his teenage years, he was a very skillful fencer, being awarded with medals for his fencing expertise. His talent is influencing his team everyday.  Senior Captain, Kevin Medina motivates others by encouraging them to “strive for improvement not perfection.’’

Fencing is a great place to meet new friends and develop new relationship.  It’s always a good feeling to see your name on the back of a shirt when were apart of something.  Fencing pushes your body to its limit, dodging weapon attacks as well as scoring points with lunges.  A common- misconception about fencing is that injuries are sustained with any of the blades used.  This is false.  Most injuries are common muscle injuries, and it common to suffer from muscle injuries regardless of any sport.

Team Members are very welcoming and willing to teach others. The fencing team starts practice by doing daily warm-ups to ready their bodies for sparring, practicing the proper form of holding the blade, and working on footwork to increase flexibility.  Afterward fencers put on the white gear either to do a new lesson or verse one another.  The best thing about fencing is you don’t have to be really athletic; it is a sport made for anyone.   New members are always welcome on the fencing team.  New member Jake Nill states,  “I love it, it’s something I really enjoy and the people on the team are great.’’