She-Ra Episodes 1+2 (SPOILERS)


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

She-Ra Princess of Power, based off of 1985 show He-Man, is back on Netflix. The show is about Adora, a formal soldier from the evil organization known as the Horde.  The Horde has been training Adora her whole life. The main goal is to reach the heart of the rebel insurgency, Bright Moon, defeating the princess taking over the territory in Lord Hordak’s name. After being promoted to force the captain to lead the invasion of the rebel Fortress of Thaymore, Adora discovers two rebel soldier, Bow and Glimmer as well as a magical sword.  

After Bow and Glimmer captured Adora,  they fight a gigantic monster.  Reaching the sword,  Adora decides to fight for the honor of Grayskull, transforming her into She-Ra Princess Of Power.  Realizing what she just did, she was disgusted to be a princess, the very thing she’s been fighting against her entire life. Not being able to defeat the monster, they run until they reach a fortress left by the first ones, old settlers that left their ruins thousands of years ago. Entering the fort, they were greeted by a picture of She-ra, the girl she transformed into the fortress collapse. 

Adora eventually goes to a peaceful village of Thaymore, seeking more answers to She-Ra. A village party is thrown,  kids watching puppet shows and taking swings at a pinata.  Adora admits in the Horde there are no such things as parties or birthdays, which shocked Bow and Glimmer.  Later that day, the peaceful village of Thaymor was under attack, seeing this Adore feels heavy guilty watch a civilian town turned into a war zone. Failing to convince her allies,  Catra Adora changes sides using the power of She-ra to protect the village from the Horde choosing to fight for the rebellion. The show currently has four seasons on Netflix.