The Lindy Interact Club’s Success


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Interact Club and the advisors accepting "The Pride of Lindenhurst 2018" Award with Superintendent, Mr. Giordano.

Robert Hager, Co Editor-In-Chief

Since the start of the school year, the Lindenhurst Interact Club has been helping make the community great with their community projects. A club that you may not know of, Interact Club, is a volunteer organization where students from the ages of twelve through eighteen, come together to help people locally and internationally. Interact Club is a part of Rotary International where students are able to contribute to the community they are living in. You may not know of this club since we do not have our meetings in the high school.

Every year, Interact Club does an International Project, a project to help people from other nations and a Local Project, a project to help our own town. For their Local Project last year, Interact Club had a beautification project in which they planted flowers around the Lindenhurst Memorial Library. In Interact Club, members elect their own leaders and are also able to pick the projects they want to commit to. Another project the members of the club did last year was that they took part in donating books to schools that were affected by hurricane harvey. “One of the main service events we do every year is making cheese sandwiches for people in need. The sandwiches are brought to the Inn which is a place for people in need to get food and are able to take showers.” explained William Rella, a board officer of the club. Interact Club is a very good club to join for NHS probabates to get volunteer hours. Interact Club gives students many hours of volunteer work and also is very fun in the end. We also hold car washes to raise money for our projects which are very fun. 

In 2018, Interact Club was given “The Pride Of Lindenhurst Award” which was a great honor for the club because of how much work the members put into helping and contributing to the community. 

Interact Club meets every first and third Monday of every month. The Club meets at the Rainbow Center (293 Buffalo Ave) at 7:30 pm in the Arts & Crafts Room. “The people in the club are so fun to be around. The relationships made in Interact are unforgettable”, said William. Interact Club has held a towel drive this year 

To check out more about Interact Club, check out our twitter @LindenhurstI and the their instagram @lindyinteractclub.