Class Wars 2020

Courtesy of G. Valela

Gianna Valela and Madison Trumino

The most competitive time of the year has come and gone at Lindenhurst High School. All the grades were hungry to climb to the top spot as winner of the 2020 Class Wars and get bragging rights until the last day of school! This year there were many fun, yet difficult events that put the students physical and mental strengths to the challenge, and proved who is the superior grade! Continue reading to catch up on all the details, such as the events that took place, the winners of each event, and some interesting input from the senior class president, Angelina MenDell.

Wednesday, February 26th

Volleyball: As you may already know, volleyball is everyone’s favorite activity to play in gym, so of course, volleyball night always brings in a big crowd of students.  Students from every grade are eager to bump, set, and spike their way to the championship game. It’s so invigorating to see every student cheer for their peers. Congratulations to the juniors for their triumph over the seniors in the final round.

Hockey: Kids are always excited to play the fast-paced game of floor hockey and show off their competitive nature.  Everyone who participated in the hockey games had a blast. Congratulations to the freshmen who brought home the championship.

Thursday, February 27th

Plunger Race: A fast paced race where six students complete an obstacle course while riding the typical gym scooter and using a plunger to help make it from one side of the gym to the other.

3 Legged, Sack, Wheelbarrow Race: Six students from each class will line up one side of the gym. The first two students will do the 3 Legged sack race, where they race the other classes as they go to the other side of the gym and back. Once they return to their line, the next two students will do the sack race, and when they return to their line, the next two students will do the wheelbarrow race. The class who finishes all of the races first wins!

Blindfolded Musical Chairs: One student from each grade gets blindfolded. Each participant must dance around on a gymnastics mat until the music stops. Once the music stops, each student will drop on the mat and search for a plastic disc. The first three students who each find a disc will continue on in the following rounds, and the trend will continue until someone wins. 

Hungry Hungry Hippos: Two students from each class, – one facing stomach down on a scooter, and the other holding them by his/her legs to move them – will compete against the other grades to collect the most balls by being moved to the center of the gym and gathering balls with a basket! 

Three Point Shoot-Out: Three girls and three boys from each class shoot 3-pointers for a minute.  The class with the most baskets wins. 

Super Shoe Show: Each class forms a team of about eight people. Each student must take off their shoes and place them in a pile that contains every team member’s pair of sneakers from each class. Then, each class will have a team member run down from one end of the gym to the pile, grab their shoes, tie them, then run back to their line and have the next teammate repeat the steps. The class who is able to get everyone in line with their sneakers tied first wins! 

Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors: A bunch of hula-hoops are set up in a line on the gym floor. Two classes compete at once, as a student from each class jumps in the hula-hoops until the two players meet and compete in a game of rock paper scissors. The winner continues to jump through the hula-hoops until he/she meets his next opponent. 

Giant Soccer: This activity is exactly what it sounds like! Each class has a team of five people and they play soccer with a giant soccer ball until one team scores! 

Tug O’War: Two classes compete against each other at once. Two teams of ten people line up on either side of the rope until one team is left standing. 

Friday, February 28th

Dodgeball: A classic game played in gym classes all across the country, has a bit of a twist at our very own Lindenhurst high school! Our annual dodgeball game has the same rules and regulations as the original game yet the difference is that its a competition for the girls only! The gents sit on the side line and cheer the girls on as a team of athletic young ladies from each grade battles until the last woman is standing. Congratulations to the seniors who took home the win!

Powderpuff: The most entertaining event of the night by far is powderpuff. A group of shameless boys perform a rehearsed dance that they have been working on for months. Each grade competes against each other to see which boys have the best moves. The gym gets wild as everyone cheers for each group of boys. It truly is such an entertaining show!

The president of the senior class, Angelina MenDell, had a lot to say about this year’s Class Wars.  She believes that everyone who will be graduating in June is “really upset to acknowledge the fact this is their last year to participate in Class Wars.”  Angelina, as well as her fellow class members are “taking in every last moment of the event and having as much fun as possible.” She thinks it’s safe to say that the seniors who have participated in Class Wars over the last four years will miss it as they prepare to embark on their next chapter of life.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Class Wars events, and a special congratulations to the seniors for bringing home the championship in both the dodgeball and powderpuff events, and winning class wars as a whole!