Senior Sadness


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writter

School closure has been a hard time for all of us, but especially the senior class of 2020.  Seniors awaited the end of the year for quite some time to mark a major milestone in their life. Lindenhurst Senior Aden Hutter stated, “We’re worried we’re going to miss out on a lot of the things you look forward to as a senior, but we all know it’s the best thing for us.’’  For many seniors, it’s frustrating even knowing that is necessary to contain the virus for everyone’s safety.

To deal with these tragic circumstances,  many people quarantined cope by keeping touch with friends through texting, FaceTiming, or calling so they don’t feel truly isolated. It is important to try to stay hopeful that school will come back before the year is over.  Other methods used also include working out, staying active, as well as playing video games to distract themselves from what’s going on in the real world.  Kevin Medina announced, “Live through the beauty and the terror, the sun will always find its way thru the clouds of darkness.”  

Even though the situation is out of control worldwide, it is important to remember, wellness is more important than school.  We must accept these unfortunate turns of events, and hope that things will get better.