Should Students Stray from General Classes


Emma Magnuson, Polls Editor

Lets face it; not everyone is good at every subject. Some students are better at math and science while others may flourish in subjects such as social studies and English. However, should students be able to take classes based on what they’re good at? 

Some people believe that doing this would end up limiting the student. If a student loves doing math and chooses to only take math classes, then they would never get a chance to discover their potential in a journalism or even a social studies class. 

Additionally, it’s hard for students to decide what they would like to pursue in general. They should get a sense of all their options before making a final decision. 

Shirley Guenfoud, a junior at Lindenhurst Senior High school, believes that students, “aren’t aware of what they want to be until they’re in college itself, so having specific classes for their interests will be harder for those with no clue of their future.” 

Allowing for students to make such a life altering decision at a young age with not much experience is a recipe for disaster. They could pick the wrong subject to study and be stuck with that choice their whole life because those are the only classes they’ve ever taken. 

Students should have a wide variety of skills which can only be available to them by taking a wide range of classes. Eric Gollinge, a junior at Lindenhurst Senior High school, says that taking many different classes, “broadens the spectrum by infinity because now you have so much more to work with.” 

High schools, more often than not, offer electives, AP classes and other diverse classes that should help students get a jump start for college. 

However, when would it be appropriate for students to start considering taking these classes? 

Shirley Guenfoud is a firm believer that there is never a set age where a human realizes their true purpose in life. Guenfoud states, “if select classes pertaining to one’s interests are available, it should be taken when a student is ready and sure of what they want to do.” 

This is a perfect belief; some students may have their career all planned out while others may not make a decision until college. It shouldn’t matter how long you take to decide, as long as you believe you are making the right decision. 

The classes offered to students at our high school are very helpful in allowing for students to flourish in whichever field they desire. 

Eric Gollinge states, “we are very fortunate to have a huge amount of electives. There are so many little branches you can’t even name them all. We have a great program and there is so much you can do and experiment with during your four years.” 

Students who attend Lindnehurst High school are quite lucky to have been given these resources. 

Additionally, no student should feel pressured into picking a specific topic to study. Instead, students should follow their desires and take their time in deciding their future career path, while experimenting with varying subjects along the way.