Nintendo’s Bestseller

Animal Crossing New Horizon


Chauncy Lewis, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of Nintendo’s number one bestseller? Animal Crossing New Horizon was released during the beginning of quarantine; the perfect time for the perfect escape. You start the game on your own getaway island that you create from scratch. Your island is unique with its own landscape, villagers, and wildlife. The game has no direct objective or penalties; you set your own goals for the day at your own pace. When you get to the island you are greeted by Tom Nook. He explains the basics of living on the island then proceeds to give you a bill for the airplane ticket and the tent.

There are no deadlines or interest rates. The game allows you to pay whenever without worries. He only accepts two types of special currency known as Nook Miles or Bells.  You earn these completing daily challenges that you’d normally do such as building or buying something. Once the loan is completely paid the player chooses to either expand their tent or buy to a house with more loans. The game uses real-time whatever day or time it is in real life the game will follow it. This means when a character says tomorrow or next week you have to wait that time.

Due to this mechanic, the game knows the days you are not playing. Weeds can grow on your island or villagers can leave your island feeling neglected. A fun feature added was the ability to have friends visit your island or see theirs. Once you’re at your friend’s island they can give you certain items such as fruit that wouldn’t be on your island. The game also allows multiplayer on a single switch but the camera will only follow one player. One of the rarest events comes when a shooting star appears in the sky. You must wish on it before it’s gone. Customer reviews are currenty 89% on Amazon. Try Animal Crossing New Horizons today.