Jalen Hurts: The Spark the Eagles Needed


Anthony Bearese, Staff Writer

This past week the Philadelphia Eagles have finally decided to bench starter Carson Wentz for second string rookie  out of Oklahoma, Jalen Hurts. Hurts the previous week showed some glimpses of why the Eagles picked him in the second round of the draft after they benched Wentz in the early third quarter.  Hurts threw for 109 yards completing 5-12 passes for a touchdown and a pick. With a full week getting first team reps in practice and game planning around Hurts, he was fully prepared to start against the Saints they have one of the best defenses in the NFL.

The game was a shocker as the Eagles pulled out a win with the whole team rallying around Jalen.  It was a breath of fresh air with a productive offense with a competent quarterback beating the Saints 24-21 . Overall the team played solid with Miles Sanders having one of the best games of his young career.  He rushed for 115 yards and had two touchdowns. Hurts showed flashes of what he did at Oklahoma and why he was the runner up for the Heisman with 167  yards passing with one passing touchdown and rushing for 106 yards on the ground. The Eagles offensive line known for letting Carson Wentz getting sacked 50 times, had one of their best games of the season not giving up one sack against the Saints pass rush. It was also a great day for the defense; they had 12 quarterback hits, five sacks, and a pick playing Tayson Hill. Hill, the swiss army knife, with the inexperience he had as a starting quarterback at the pro level, still had a solid day with a total of 324 yards passing and rushing with two touchdowns and an interception. The Eagles even had a 17-0 lead at the end of the first half.

Eagles fans were at the breaking point with former 2nd overall pick Carson Wentz the last two seasons. Ever since Wentz tore his ACL playing the Rams back in 2018.  When the Eagles won the Super Bowl with backup quarterback, Nick Foles, he has never been the same. Wentz during that season, was a MVP candidate.  You still see some flashes of greatness, but he is a shell of his former self. His decision making and mechanics have regressed ever since he came back from the torn ACL, but he also can’t stay healthy anymore.  During the Eagles last two playoff trips, he either was not able to play in the game or he got pulled out mid game due to injury. Overall Wentz’s time in Philadelphia is over.  Ever since Nick Foles won that Super Bowl, the Eagles have been questioning if he is the franchise quarterback. Even his teammates said they preferred Foles over Wentz and that it was Foles’ team. The Eagles front office did end up resigning Wentz to get rid of that narrative and let Foles walk in and become a free agent.  However, the mental blow that Carson Wentz took from watching another QB win a Super Bowl with what was supposed to be his team was too much for him.

To go to work everyday and see a statue of the backup quarterback that replaced you with your head coach that just benched you this year, Wentz could not be in a good state of mind.  He needs a change in scenery because all of Philadelphia is done with this man and they are not confident in him to lead this organization to another Super Bowl. Wentz needs to go to a good organization, with a coach that has trust in him to win games and has a top tier offensive line to protect him with weapons to throw or hand off to. A team that he should go to that fits this criteria would be the Indianapolis Colts.  Their aging quarterback, Philip Rivers, is on the tail end of his career and Wentz could just be put in.  The head coach was also Wentz’s offensive coordinator when he had his best season as a MVP candidate.

Hurts had another great game playing the Cardinals this week, showing a lot of poise in the pocket and making plays. With Wentz asking for a trade this week, it shows that he is unhappy with the Eagles and his situation.   It remains to be seen what happens this off season. Will he be released, will he be traded, or will he be competing for a starting job on another team?  Only time will tell.