Leadership Honor Scholarship

Pandemic Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard over the past year. No matter who you are or what situation you are in, it has impacted you in some sort of way. Whether you had the virus, or not, this pandemic has effected most people’s mental health drastically. With this being said, there is something we could all get out of this. Since the pandemic started and the lock down began, we all began to appreciate the little things in life more and more. Whether it is going out to eat at a packed restaurant, going to sporting events or concerts, and even something like going to school, we all miss something. Life is different now, and some of the Charles Street Times staff members took the time to share their experiences of the pandemic and the life lessons they learned.

Giuliana Barberio
Dominic Colavito
Chris Elwell
Veronica Merchelski
Diana Singh
Lara Sinkus
Timmy Vine
Natalia Murawski