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Lindy’s Creative Minds Contest:

* Do you have a creative way of expressing yourself? Don’t keep your talent hidden! Share it with the world by entering Lindy’s Creative Minds Contest sponsored by the Charles Street Times.
* Enter for a chance to win a gift card to your favorite restaurant or store!
* Submissions may include:
       • Short stories (3-5 pages)
       • Poetry (at least 3 poems with a theme)
       • Drawings/ paintings/ Sculptures
       • Animations/ animatics
       • Photography (at least 5 photos with a theme)
       • A recording of an original song
       • A look-book (10 outfits with a theme)
       • If there is something else you’d like to submit, get it approved              by Mrs. Kelly (room 134)

* To enter, you must attend LHS
* Entries must be school appropriate because all entries will be featured on the CST website.
* No more than 2 entries per person
* No plagiarism!!
* Entries may be past work or you may create something new.
* All entries due by March 30th

How to enter:
You may enter the contest by emailing the CST ([email protected]) or DMing the CST instagram (@the.charles.street.times)
When entering please include:
* Your first and last name
* Your submission
* A photo of yourself (optional)

1st place winner- $30 gift card
2nd place winner- $20 gift card
3rd place winner- $10 gift card

Leadership Honor Scholarship