Loungin’ With Lara- Soul Movie Review


Lara Sinkus, Staff Writer

Welcome back to the next movie review of Loungin’ With Lara! This week I have viewed and reviewed the movie “Soul.”


    What is “Soul?” 

“Soul” is a movie about a middle school band teacher, Joe, whose life isn’t going the way he anticipated it to. His real spark in life is jazz music, and he is an amazing pianist. But, once he goes to another realm in order to help someone find their passion, he realizes what it means to “have a soul.”

“Soul” was released in 2020 and is directed by Pete Dector. Stars you may know such as: Tina Fey, Jamie Foxx, and Daveed Diggs voice some of the animated characters in this movie. The movie can be streamed using a Disney + subscription.

I recommend watching “Soul” because the movie touches your heart and teaches many heartfelt messages throughout the movie. One that I have learned from watching is, “It really is the smallest lessons that leave the biggest impact.” The jazz music in this movie is phenomenal, from the saxophone playing to the piano. In essence, this is a beautifully put together movie that touches many hearts, and teaches many valuable lessons; that I recommend for everyone to watch!

        Why I recommend to watch “Soul”

As I had stated in the previous paragraph, the movie contains many valuable lessons and wonderful music. You instantly watch the movie, and fall in love with the characters. Joe Gardener, the main character, teaches you what it is like to have a drive and desire for something you love. In his case, it was jazz music, and reaching a performance that will make him a legend. For 22, it eventually became finding that one little spark that would be her passion in her future life. You get to follow these two on their journey to finding their purpose in life. I feel that is one very important aspect to this movie. Another would be the bond that these two form over the course of the movie. The two grow close and represent a wonderful friendship as they work to discover what life may bring them. There are also very funny characters in the other realm that either go by the name Jerry, or there is one named Terry. Terry is very funny in trying to get Joe back to the after-life realm. But, I don’t want to spoil too much before you watch the movie……. So, get to watching to see what this amazing movie is all about!

      My Review On “Soul”

Spoilers Ahead: If you have not seen the movie, watch it before you read my review. If you have seen the movie, feel free to leave your opinions on the movie in the comments!)

After watching “Soul,” I have learned to appreciate even the littlest things even more, because even the littlest things could leave the biggest impact. My favorite part of the movie was of course 22’s little funny remarks. But, my overall favorite part was towards the end when Joe was playing the piano and he overlooked his life when he was down, the best and the worst, and realized that he wanted to give 22 a chance on Earth. So, he went back to the You Seminar to find 22 and saved her and brought her to Earth, but then he got a chance to go to Earth as well. I thought the scene where he went to save 22 by showing the leaf was adorable, as well as the scene where Jerry opened up the portal to allow him to have his second chance. (It almost made me tear up a little!!) I thought it was quite funny when Joe’s soul went into the cat, and 22’s into Joe’s body. Watching 22 have to navigate how to maneuver around in a human body was very funny. But, it was nice to watch 22 fall in love with the idea of being a being on earth after not wanting to go to earth at all. I am glad that 22 found her passion for music after all of that time. The Jerrys were a very funny group of characters. I loved how Terry recommended that he receive an award at the end for finally “getting rid” of Joe from the You Seminar, even though seconds later he shows up in the middle of the award ceremony attempting to get 22 away from her sadness. One of the more prominent Jerry’s who welcomed Joe to the You Seminar had a very nice accent that I found intriguing. All in all, I enjoyed this movie very much and would definitely watch it again in the future.