Five Book Genres To Read

Natalia Murawski, Staff Writer

Many people love to read. It gives them a break from the real world. They can imagine being in a different world while reading. Reading can also take people’s stress away. Many people like to read the same genre, and oftentimes a person can be stuck on what genre to read next. Well there are many different book genres to read if you are looking for something new. Here are some genres you should try if you haven’t already.


Do you like watching a love story happen? Well if you do then this genre is perfect for you. You get to read about two people slowly falling in love with each other. You get to experience the different kinds of relationships between two people. When reading romance it might be hard to stop if you are waiting for that happy ending we’ve all come to expect.  


Do you like not knowing what’s going to happen next? Do you like to be surprised? Well then you should definitely try this genre. There are various types of mystery stories– from murder mysteries to psychological thrillers. Mystery books make you wonder about what’s going to happen next. You can even try to solve the mystery before the character.


Do you like reading about an imaginary world? Well if you like reading about an imaginary world you should read this genre. You experience reading about something that wouldn’t happen in real life. While reading fantasy, a character can have superpowers or even know magic.  Whether it’s an enchanted flower or a flying unicorn, fantasy is a genre where you are in a made up world with magic that you don’t see happening in real life. If you’re into magic or reading about a made up world then you should try checking out this genre.


Do you like to be scared? If you like watching horror movies then you should definitely try reading horror books too. Some people might like that fearful feeling. If you ever watched a horror movie and it was one of your favorite movies then, you might try the book version of that movie. While reading, the frightening scenes can often be more terrifying because they come from your imagination! You can get surprised and even scared right along with the character.


Do you like when characters go on adventures? When characters go to a different place? Well if you do then this genre is perfect for you. You get to read about the main character and journey around the world at the same time. While reading the adventure genre you can meet new characters and new places.  You may even be reading about a place you would like to visit.