Animal Crossing New Horizon:

Saint Patrick’s Day


All pictures taken by Nicolina Bilella

Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

As time moves on,  things happening in the world are usually  imitated or parodied in the media. Don’t worry this article isn’t taking about any bad things in the world, but more importantly Animal Crossing New Horizons’ take on St. Patrick’s Day.

Animal Crossing New Horizon is a video game available on the Nintendo Switch created in March 2020 and it became popular relieving people (momentarily) of their COVID stresses.

Unlike most holidays in Animal Crossing New Horizon, St. Patrick’s Day has no special guest or quest on the day of the holiday. However it does share two similarities with Festivale: they both have items available to buy everyday. The Festivale items were available to buy in that seasonal items corner in Nook’s Cranny; however, these items are available in the Nook seasonal shopping. Like Festivale these items vary everyday (if you want to read more about Festivale click the link below).

On Saturday, March 13th there is a light green door hanger that reads “fáilte!” which translates to welcome from Irish. The three leaf clover sign has a dark green outlining it’s green empty space. The font color is a light beige, seeming to be the same color as the beige wooden door customization in the Resident Services building. This item is shown as a green leaf like most items. It is only available on this day and on the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Sunday March 14th brings you the Shamrock Rug (and it’s the same for the seventeenth). It’s icon is the normal rug icon. When you place it in your home it springs into a three leaf clover. Although, there seems to be three different components to the rug.  First the outline is a thick lighter green tracing, coming inwards is a dark and lighter green (but still darker than the outline) half of the clover with the stem being the exception of grouping together with the dark green of the left clover. This continues even past the bright green clover tracing in the middle of the rug. A bit before the initial design ends is a bright green (the same color as the tracing) clover without the stem.

Monday 3/15 gifts you the Shamrock soda (icon is a mini version of it). This little green gradient mug holds whipped creamish piece that looks like a white spiral lego with a straw on the background on it’s left side. The color scheme of the mug contains (from the bottom going up) dark green to a very pale green. The handle does a similar thing except right to left, with the central hue of green make a circle shape around the mug with little care about the hole in the middle. The rest of the handle is white.

Other than the previous objects there is a St. Patrick’s Day outfit. It contains what’s called a Shamrock hat, Shamrock sunglasses, Shamrock suit, and Shamrock shoes. They are available from March 14th to the 17th. You can buy all four altogether in the Able Sisters’ fitting room. However on the display counter one is shown everyday.

-3/14, Shamrock shoes-this clothing item contains a of course two green shoes with a black sole. By the back end of the shoes it seems to look like a heel, this is black too. By the front of each shoe is a horizontal brown strap with a golden buckle.

-3/15, Shamrock sunglasses-this accessory shares the same green as all of the items with slight glitter in the three leaf clover rims. However the lens are a darker color, almost on the way to black.

-3/16, Shamrock Suit-some outfits in Animal Crossing New Horizons are both a top and bottom and this is one of them. The top seems to be two or three different layers other than the brown strap and golden buckle in the waist area. First is the green suit and sleeves, the sleeves have a yellow strip near the revealed part of the arm, but this is still between some green of the sleeve. The solid green suit continues under the buckle, but stops under the hips. Now in near the collar are the green lapels with a yellow outline. Next is a small green bowtie on a white undershirt with two buttons shown. However it looks like the brown layer is very similar to the white undershirt and looks to be above the undershirt. It appears to have three buttons but the middle on is covering by the strap.

-3/17, Shamrock Hat-similar to the other items it shares the solid green color and the strap and buckle across the hat over its brim. On the upper right side is a lighter green three leaf clover. The hat looks similar to a top hat.

While this holiday seems pretty limited, two events that are close are the one year anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons on March 20th and Easter. Stay tuned for an article on the second topic!

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