Are Schools Going to Require Covid-19 Vaccinations?


Sara Morello, Staff Writer

Over the course of the Pandemic there have been over 42 million Covid cases in America as well as over 680,000 Covid related deaths. Health experts hope with the vaccine we will be able to start getting back to normal. Now, in America, over 182 million individuals are fully vaccinated. As more events, places, restaurants etc. start to require the vaccine, it makes people wonder. Are schools going to require students to get vaccinated?

Most universities are starting to require students on campus to be fully vaccinated, however experts say it will be more difficult for schools K-12. It’s easier for universities to mandate the vaccine because it’s not necessary for people to attend college, and vaccine mandates are most likely set by the university itself. In K-12 education, mandates are set by state legislatures and health officials which makes things more complicated. 

As we all know, there has been a controversy about the vaccine. If it was to be mandated for children in schools this could cause an uproar from anti-vaccine activists. 88% of parents of children 12-17 are concerned about the long term effects or the vaccine negatively impacting their child’s health. With this many parents concerned, it could be difficult to mandate a vaccine in schools. Even though schools have required vaccinations for years, some don’t want their children to get the Covid-19 vaccination because of how new it is. 

Although there are a lot of parents that are uncomfortable with getting their children vaccinated, there’s also parents uncomfortable with sending their children to school when it’s not required. Some parents are worried about their child getting the virus, or even bringing it home. With over 96% of physicians who are “pro-vaccine,” this urges more people to want it for their children. The CDC also urges schools to promote the vaccine and is offering excused absences to students, and paid leave if needed, for teachers and employees who decide to get it.

However, even with CDC guidance and medical professionals pushing for people to get this vaccine, people are still hesitant. Some think it’s a violation of rights, some are concerned about certain medical circumstances, and religious beliefs as well. With all of these factors from both sides of this “vaccine debate” it’s hard to make a decision.