Leadership Honor Scholarship

Mr. Elfassy

Mr. Elfassy is a new teacher at the Lindenhurst school district. He teaches a wide variety of different classes involving business and computers. He has been teaching computer science at the Middle School, Marketing at the Lindenhurst Academy, and International Business, publishing and personal finance at the High School. He enjoys being a teacher and loves to make connections with his students. He hopes to be there for his students and support them, even after they graduate. 

Mr. Elfassy´s inspiration to become a teacher in the first place was the business teacher at the high school he went to; she had inspired him to follow his dreams. He had always loved the business world and he was able to combine his dreams of becoming a teacher with his interest in business. After high school, he went to college and then went on to get a masters degree in Business Education from Hofstra University. Then he became a student teacher at Long Beach High School for a while. Now he is working at Lindenhurst School district. He hopes to stay working here in Lindenhurst until he retires and he would like to win one of the teacher of the year awards some years. Outside of the school, Mr. Elfassy enjoys watching sports like baseball, football, and hockey. His favorite teams are the New York Yankees, New York Jets, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Overall, Mr. Elfassy is a valuable addition to the Lindenhurst High School staff who wants the best for his students.

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