Addams Family 2 Review


Emily Snit, Staff Writer

What is Addams Family 2?

“Addams Family 2” is a movie about the classic spooky family. Morticia and Gomez are worried about their children skipping family dinners. To recover their bond, they decide to crowd Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and the crew into their haunted camper and hit the road for one last family vacation. 


Addams Family 2 was released on October 1st, it was produced by Gail Berman, Conrad Vernon, Danielle Sterling, and Alison O’Brien. The movie lasts a total of 1h 33m, it is a comedy/adventure, and rated PG. Although with 30% rotten tomatoes it successfully made over $53.4 million (as of this writing).



“Addams Family 2” has a better plot compared to the “Addams Family,” released in 2019. The movie starts off with Wednesday at her science fair, where the antagonist (a mad scientist) is first introduced. Afterwards, the family’s first destination was Niagara Falls, where Wednesday plays with Pugsley’s voodoo doll, but when a bird picks it up, it sends Pugsley soaring through the sky. The antagonist sends his lawyer to the Addams house to claim that Wednesday was wrongly switched with another baby at the maternity hospital. The rest of the movie ends up being a chase until the very end where they have a celebration party. The overall plot is a very generic idea for a sequel movie. Many things, like character design and Wednesday’s personal journey need improvements. In the Addams Family movie released in 1991, all the people/characters expressed their personalities more, this allowed it to be a big success! The new Addams Family was created for children. They chose to lazily write the characters’ personalities since they are identical with any other movie. However, it was funny, especially when Uncle Fester admits that he might have switched the babies in the maternity hospital. The Addams parents’ shocked faces just made it so much better. Aside from that, the ending of the movie should have been different, and maybe a cliffhanger. That way, if they decide to make another movie, they will have somewhere to start off with and maybe have an interesting plot. Too many movies end with a dance party to the point it’s getting predictable. Addams Family 2 is a great movie for young kids, but they might not understand all the jokes included, and it was not worth the money.