Hawkeye Episodes 3 and 4 Review

Tyler Faber, Staff Writer

The third and fourth episodes of Hawkeye are amazing additions to the series in terms of both plot and entertainment. The episode brought amazing story progression and introduced important parts of the overall plot, including new characters. These episodes are very effective at character development for all the characters. They provide more context for some characters and give us more emotional connection to the main characters. As was expected, we see Hawkeye and Kate bond and work together as a team more, which is a key part of the plot. Clint´s a serious and tormented character. We see him having to take responsibility and trying to resolve his past mistakes. Kate is a far more light-hearted character and acts a lot like just an eager Hawkeye fan, which she is. Like many shows and movies, we see that two completely opposite people aren’t as different as we thought and can work together well. The show does it surprisingly well compared to the many shows that are like it. 

These episodes had so many twists and surprises that it was hard to predict what would happen next. There are only six episodes of Hawkeye, so the bulk of the story is in episodes 3 and 4. So many things were packed into them but nothing felt forced and it all was connected very well. Each episode alone has its own great story while also keeping you excited to see what happens next. The action scenes were all full of excitement and surprises. They had amazing special effects which made for a fun experience. Overall, these episodes were excellent and we can´t wait to see the final two.