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Read Between the Notes: Fingers Crossed

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Reading Between The Notes. Broadcasting students will dissect a new song every week.

This episode will be focused on “Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer-Smith.

Spencer-Smith is an 18-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter. She was a contestant on America Idol in 2020.  In late 2021, she posted a clip to TikTok, listening to the demo of the song in a recording studio. Due to her exposure on American Idol, the video has more than 23 million views.

Angelina Rudy

“Fingers Crossed” By Lauren Spencer-Smith is one of my favorite songs I’ve heard in a long time. I picked this song for the group because the lyrics spoke to me. They were full of emotion and spoke to me on every level. These lyrics are creative, emotional, and poetic all at the same time. Another thing I liked about this song was that it’s very catchy. The beat is very catchy, and the lyrics st...

Dylan Hernandez

When someone has their fingers crossed it could either mean they are hoping for a certain outcome in a situation or that they are lying, the song Fingers Crossed, is about the latter. The singer tells (or rather sings) about her ex, they start off with detailing the good parts of their relationship, and then out of nowhere states “Funny, now I hate you”. This out of seemingly nowhere changes th...

Anthony Vasseur

After listening to the song Fingers Crossed by Lauren Spencer-Smith, my reaction would be that it was a very emotion driven song. It feels very Adele-like in the tone of the song and how much effort is in her voice. It has a very loud beat that at times can drown out the singer and become boring. Overall, it was an interesting song to listen to but would not be something I would listen to daily. I thin...

Jeremias Cespedes

The lyrics tell the listener that this song is about the singer’s friend who lied to them. I think that the lyrics are very simple and not complex. The instruments are simple, the instrumental is basically just finger snapping. I personally don’t like the instrumental and I think that the instrumental is too simple and does nothing to add to the song. The melody of the song is very good, it’...

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