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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

The year of 2022 has brought us many great movies; some being hilarious comedies, while others are more serious. This year, one of the best movies was Everything Everywhere All at Once. This movie brings both comedy and drama as the viewer figures out what exactly is happening in the world the main character, Evelyn, is living.

Everything Everywhere All at Once may be confusing the first time you watch it, as this movie’s story line is unlike any that you have seen before. The actors in this movie are beyond talented and the characters are depicted very well.
Even the Golden Globes agree that this movie is one of the best this year, because Michelle Yeoh won Best Actress due to this film.

Along with the amazing acting and portrayal of characters, this movie brings some diversity with Asian American actors. Many Asian American people have resonated with this movie, especially in mother-daughter relationships. Along with this, Everything Everywhere All at Once immerses you into the world(s) with its imagery and symbolism.

Though some people may believe that this movie is monotonous due to its many time jumps and its exposition, most, including Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb all agree that this movie is one of the best of this year.

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