Best Recipes for Any Holiday Party


Robert Hager, Staff Writer

During the holiday season, many people love to make delicious holiday foods for their friends and family. These five holiday dishes will make you look like a gourmet at all of your holiday meals.

Panettone French Toast

This casserole dish is perfect for the main dish of your favorite holiday. Panettone French Toast includes panettone, cream cheese, cinnamon and almonds. This is an amazing recipe that is ten times better than plain old regular french toast. To see the whole recipe, go to:

Almost-famous Spinach Artichoke Dip

This dip will become famous in your family when you bring it to the holiday party your whole family goes to. It is really easy and takes a short time to make. The delicious dip includes sour cream, sharp cheddar, parmesan cheese, spinach and artichokes. To see the whole recipe, go to:

Raspberry Snowflake Pull-Apart Bread

This bread shaped like a snowflake looks amazing and tastes even better! This Bread includes honey, raspberry jam, lemon juice, milk, cardamom, eggs and flower. When you bring this to a party everyone will be asking you for the recipe. To get the whole recipe, go to:

Christmas Crack Crust Almond Butter Pie

Almond Butter Pie is really easy to make and tastes so good. This pie includes saltines, chocolate, caramel sauce, heavy cream, butter, cream cheese and almonds. The amazing pie will be everyone’s favorite dessert after they taste it. To see the whole recipe, go to:

Chocolate Reindeer Cake

This cake themed to reindeer is extremely beautiful and just as appetizing. It uses pretzels and m&ms to look like a reindeer. The reindeer cake includes cocoa powder, eggs, flour, vanilla extract, chocolate, heavy cream, corn syrup, pretzels, white chocolate chips and m&ms. Everyone will be taking pictures of this cake. To see the whole recipe, go to:

All of these recipes will make you look like the greatest cook and baker at any holiday party. From the main dish to dessert, everyone will be dying to know how to make these recipes.