Health and Beauty Tips for the New Year


Jenna Johnson, Staff Writer

With the New Year upon us, many desire to switch up their beauty routine and implement new practices as a means to improve the condition of their inner and outer being. These following tips will not only rejuvenate your body, but will provide you with a burst of energy to go about your day.

In today’s cosmetic market, there is an abundance of face masks and moisturizers available for a variety of skin types. These products are often expensive and lack the effectiveness they promise. Here are some inexpensive and effective products which are easily available or simple to make using products in your home.

  • “Trader Joe’s ENRICH Moisturizing Face Lotion w/ Broad Spectrum SPF 15”

Although Trader Joe’s is known for its wide array of non GMO, organic and delicious selection of foods, its skin care line is somewhat of a secret. This ENRICH moisturizer is only $3.99, and provides you with amazing 24 hour moisturization, and also doubles as a sunscreen to protect you from harmful UV rays. Make sure you grab a bottle on your next grocery trip!

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  • DIY Face Masks

Homemade face masks are not only cheap and easy to make, they are also far safer and healthier for your skin than store-bought masks due to the fact they contain no chemicals and harmful additives. Here are some ingredients you could mix and match to your liking which will result in a variety of amazing, and refreshing face masks to give your face a wonderful glow. Turmeric, honey, cinnamon, coffee granules, baking soda, besan flour/chickpea flour, lemon juice, raw sugar, rice flour, yogurt, milk, mashed bananas, tomatoes, and ground oatmeal. A student from LHS, Kayla Schroeder, describes her favorite face mask as being a “combination of honey, turmeric, and cinnamon, which I put on my face once a week before I go to bed.”  Below are a few recipes to help you get started with creating your ideal face mask.

This recipe is absolutely simple and easy to make, using various ingredients such as honey and milk, which most people already having lying around their pantry. Simply mix and apply on your face for a short period of time to give you supple, soft skin!

Don’t let the name fool you! The thought of putting raw egg on ones face may induce some cringe, but not to fear. Eggs are known for their various benefits to the skin, and will help tighten your pores and prevent wrinkles from developing on your skin.

Chocolate is delicious, but who would of thought that chocolate can be good for your skin too! This mask uses a combination of raw cocoa powder and coconut oil to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and feeling better than ever!

  • Cleansing Drinks

An amazing way to start off your day is by hydrating your body, and providing it with a ton of water and electrolytes. Here are a few delicious  infused waters: Water with mint, cardamom, and lemon. Water with cinnamon and honey. Chamomile tea, jasmine tea, or ginger tea 🙂 Below are some recipes to help you start off your day right!

A combination of cucumber, and strawberry infused into water will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Cucumbers and strawberries are packed with various antioxidants, and will add a beautiful tart and sweet taste to your water.

Blueberries on their own are absolutely delightful. Simply let them steep in water for several hours before enjoying your water. This recipe is truly a fruity, delicious treat.