Not All Students Are Uniform

Should public schools have uniforms?

Courtesy of Jenna Bryant
Kellenberg Student in their School Uniform which includes Blazer

Emma Magnuson, Polls Editor

 What makes a public school different from a private school? The most common answer is that they require their students to wear school uniforms. People who are in favor of school uniforms may claim that uniforms promote a sense of pride along with a feeling of unity at their school. Additionally, uniforms may be a beneficial way to reduce the risk of bullying. If every student at the school wore the same thing, then there wouldn’t be a way for kids to be made fun of due to their choice in outfit. 

Uniforms may reduce stress for students since they already know what they’re going to wear the next day. Jenna Bryant is a junior who attends a Catholic school called Kellenberg, located in Uniondale on Long Island. Jenna says, “I feel everyone is on equal playing ground. Now you can’t hide behind your clothes. You have to express your real personality to be different from everyone else. This is the time to show everyone that you are who you are”. Jenna believes that uniforms have a great impact on the environment at her school and says it encourages students to develop into their true selves using their personalities rather than their clothes. This allows students to judge others based on their character rather than what they’re wearing. 

Many people also say that schools would be better without uniforms. People believe that school uniforms destroy the individuality of students. For everyone, clothing is a way to express one’s beliefs, views, hobbies and more. Students would much likely prefer to go to school in the comfort of their own clothes. If they decide to dress comfortably or dress fancy, it’s their choice and schools must respect that. 

Additionally, wearing uniforms could lead students to compare themselves to others, which could potentially lead to self image problems. Aira Nasiadek-Holobyn, a junior from Lindenhurst High School, feels that uniforms are unnecessary. Aira says, “There’s no point in having school uniforms, we should have the freedom to wear whatever clothing we want”. Public schools are supposed to be free education but implementing uniforms for parents to buy could be financially hard on some families.

Telling students what to wear to fit a standard set by the school is unfair to students. School uniforms totally ruin the creativity of students and forces them to conform rather than be diverse. Teaching students that it’s better to be the same rather than showing off their differences is wrong and stunts students’ character growth.