Drama Club Haunted House


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Cult clowns were cast to create chaos and incite fear.

Patrycja Chrzanowska, Editor in Chief

On Friday, November 1, the Lindenhurst Drama club held their annual haunted house at Lindenhurst High School. From 6-9 pm, guests paid $5 to be lead on a backstage tour of a haunted carnival, a  frightening experience. This year, the haunted house was run by the current drama club board: Nicholas Auxila, Isabel Camacho, Aidan Fig, Thomas Khan, and Emily Lorca.

They began planning in September, first by deciding on a theme: a Haunted Carnival. Then, they began staging, writing the script, and blocking. Of course there were complications, like the fact that this year, due to the new auditorium and new rules, they weren’t allowed to use the auditorium and instead had to use the music wing and stage. Considering the circumstances, it went pretty well because everyone involved put in a great amount of effort and vigor.

Nick Auxila, Drama Club treasurer, would like to thank the Drama Club advisor Mr. Smith.  He was extremely helpful throughout the process, always providing valuable suggestions when there were issues. “He’s a great guy,” Nick reveals to the CST, “he just always rattles something off and it would just be brilliant. He has a great, creative mind and you can always depend on him to think of something that no else was thinking about.” Additionally, Nick would like to thank “everybody in the haunted house… everybody was so chill with what they got… they all gave great energy and were all just willing to do their part.”

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Sometimes the scariest part of a personality can still be the scariest but for good.”

— Nicholas Auxila