Zodiac of the month: Capricorn


Madison Trumino, Staff Writer

Hello fellow zodiac fans! Need a dose of reality or some reassurance? Well, there’s no better way to curve your appetite for guidance than reading your horoscope. This month we are focused on Capricorn! Capricorn you are a stable character who is strong and supportive! Despite your serious nature, try and relax and learn all about yourself, Capricorn!

Dates of Capricorn: December 21- January 19

Alias: Sea-Goat

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Zodiac Characteristics: Capricorns love structure and order. They are often stubborn, yet determined and ambitious. Unfortunately they can be very pessimistic and melancholy so they must try and use positive affirmations and empowering techniques to keep a positive demeanor. 

They must learn that not everything is in their control and let go of their worries! When they learn to let go and relax they become much happier. They have high traditional values which comes in handy when dealing with family. Thy are sincere and down to earth and although their relationships are low-key, they are sincere. Capricorn children are cherished by their parents because they are hardworking in school and reliable and trustworthy. They sometimes have friction with siblings and can be jealous of the attention their brothers and sisters get. Yet despite this, they have a strong and abiding love for their family. 

Zodiac in love: Capricorns are hard headed when it comes to love. They don’t know when to leave well enough alone. They try and mold and influence their partner instead of accepting them for who they are. Capricorns should be open to compromise with their partner for the greater good. Overall, they have a fabulous potential for fulfilling relationships if they are flexible.

Capricorns in the workplace: Capricorns love to learn all about the business they partake in. They typically start at the bottom of the ladder and work their way up so they can learn about every aspect of their profession. Capricorns are very resourceful and tend to manage their finances very well. These traits enable them to be successful both financially and professionally.