Midterm Study Tips!

Weronika Gobiecki, Staff Writer

Are you stressed for Midterm Mania? Trust me, you’re not alone! With midterm week approaching students are all left to prepare for these tests. How do you study? What do you study? How do you know what to prioritize? We know that everyone has a different way of studying, but these tips should help you overcome the madness of Midterms!

Make Flashcards

Making flashcards can help you retain important information that you might have forgotten.  Just write down the key words, vocabulary and just keep practicing the flashcards until you got everyone correct this will help you review your material. 

Pay Attention

In order for you to know what you need to study you have to be in class and be active. Listen to the teacher and write down any notes that you feel like they are important to know.  Don’t be scared to ask questions if you are confused or don’t understand the material, it’s better to ask and know for the test.    

Manage your time wisely

Make a schedule of when you should start studying. DON’T leave studying to the last minute or you will be way more stressed. Prioritize according to which class you need to study the most in. 

Take breaks

Do not study for hours and hours until your exhausted. Take breaks in between your study sessions to not overwhelm yourself and your brain. Even take a quick walk to just more around and get more energy. Don’t forget to eat something and drink water to stay hydrated!


 A good night’s sleep will leave you more prepared mentally and physically. Don’t stay up all night to process everything! It’s not worth it! Just relax and stay calm, not getting any sleep is the worst thing you can do for yourself before big tests like these. 

Breakfast is key

Get your brain boosted with a good breakfast! Walking into a midterm with an empty stomach isn’t the best idea. You have to be prepared so eat a good meal even if it’s something quick like a granola bar or yogurt at least you have something to fill your stomach up for a little bit. 


Before starting your test it’s a good idea to have those flashcards or some notes with you to quickly review all your information. This can help with having the material fresh in your head! 


Midterms can be stressful, but if you study the right information and listen to these tips then you surely will ace them!